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A fond farewell

It is with great sadness that SIGNATM Pulse of MR informs you of the passing of Jim Sedorovich, a dedicated Advanced Clinical Expert for GE MR for over 20 years and a frequent contributor to our publication. Jim created a passionate fan base of customers and colleagues with his incredible MR knowledge, which was only surpassed by his kindness.
Jim’s commitment to our customers has left an indelible mark on GE and on our magazine. He will be missed as a colleague, a friend and an educator. GE has dedicated an MR bay at its global headquarters with a plaque to further memorialize Jim and his impact on GE MR customers.
Photo of Jim Sedorovich
“Everything that we do here at our site, your touch is all over it and so we will carry you in our hearts forever and ever. We love you, Jim!”
Longtime GE customer