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GE unveils the SIGNA Experience

GE introduces SIGNA™ Experience, an outstanding suite of inventive solutions for every step of the diagnostic journey. Designed to make every scan stress-free and efficient, this integrated collection has all the benefits of close connectivity for the smoothest experience possible. It streamlines every step of the workflow, and even your patients will notice it, too.
The SIGNA™ Experience starts with the newly launched SIGNA™ One, an innovative imaging platform that makes scanning satisfyingly smooth. Because a technique as sophisticated as MR deserves a state-of-the-art UI to match it.
Next, it’s GE’s pioneering deep-learning–based reconstruction algorithm, AIR™ Recon DL, that lets radiologists achieve clearer images quicker. By removing noise and ringing from image data, scans are consistently easy to read.
Then, powerful and intelligent applications further automate workflow. Using innovative AI, the workflow solutions for SIGNA™ consist of AIR Touch™ for the best coil element selection and AIR x™ for intuitive MR slice prescription, enabling improved workflow efficiency.
Last, AIR™ Coils, the first lightweight, flexible coils enhance the scanning experience for patients compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology. With reduced pressure points and comfort-tilt, it is the closest you can get to total positioning freedom.
It is a SIGNA™ Experience that technologists and patients alike will not only appreciate, but possibly prefer with each and every MR scan.