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New radiation oncology solution directs radiation therapy with the precision of MR

GE Healthcare’s Radiation Oncology Suite helps direct radiation therapy with the precision of MR to target tumors and optimize treatment options.
The AIR™ RT Suite includes lightweight and flexible AIR™ RT Head & Neck Coils, which are fast to set up and designed for patient comfort and ease of use by technologists. Compatible with all SIGNA™ wide bore scanners, the coils are designed for high SNR and diagnostic-level image quality. The solution also offers AIR™ Multi-Purpose Coils in two sizes – medium (20 channel) and large (21 channel) — along with the GEM Posterior Array Coil. The AIR™ RT Suite includes a fully integrated tabletop that supports the CIVCO MR-compatible patient immobilization devices without additional adaptors.
The Radiation Oncology Suite also includes AIR™ Recon DL deep-learning-based reconstruction and Cube high-resolution, isotropic 3D imaging, which allows users to receive higher image quality at shorter scan times and reformat submillimeter isotropic datasets into any plane. It also includes MAGiC, which delivers multiple contrasts in one short scan, MAVRIC SL, which enables imaging around MR-Conditional metal implants, and LAVA Flex, a 3D, FSPGR imaging technique that generates four contrasts in one acquisition with a single breath hold.