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Video game tech fueled ViosWorks

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Many of you have read about GE Healthcare’s groundbreaking MR software solution, ViosWorks, that can complete a scan of cardiovascular anatomy, function and flow in 10 minutes or less—an astonishing time savings compared to historical cardiac exam times of one to two hours. What you may not know is how the solution leveraged video game technology to overcome a major hurdle. In an article for GE Healthcare’s The Pulse, Dr. Albert Hsiao, co-developer of ViosWorks, said that when he first started adjusting MR scanners to capture information for his software, they captured so much data, the computers couldn’t process it all into images doctors could interpret. To address this hurdle, Dr. Hsiao and Arterys™, a company Hsiao co-founded to specialize in web-based medical imaging analytics powered by AI, looked to the technologies behind modern 3D video games to distribute large amounts of 3D data across many graphics processing unit (GPU) cores. With this approach, Arterys™ was able to develop a cloud-based system to manage and rapidly process the gigabytes of MR data behind each cardiac image.