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Edison wins innovation award at Health China

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At the 12th Health China Forum held in January 2020, GE Healthcare’s Edison platform was selected as a "Top 10 AI Medical Innovation Project." Edison is GE Healthcare’s intelligence platform designed to help achieve greater efficiency, improve patient outcomes and increase access to care. AI was a very important topic at this influential forum and Edison was recognized for its applications that can integrate and assimilate data from disparate sources, and apply analytics or advanced algorithms to generate clinical, operational and financial insights.
Examples of Edison applications include AIR x™, an automated tool that uses deep-learning (DL) algorithms built right into the MR technologist’s workflow to automatically identify anatomical structures to "prescribe" slices for neurological exams, delivering consistent results to facilitate quantitative analysis.
Another example is AIR™ Recon DL‡‡, which introduces a DL-based reconstruction technology designed to improve SNR and image sharpness to enable shorter scan times.