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New software release focuses on enhancements

Consistent, excellent image quality is not only one of the top needs from MR customers but also the bread-and-butter of the MR modality. Therefore, GE Healthcare MR never stops looking at existing applications and analyzing what can be done to further improve them. According to Wei Sun, Engineering Manager for MR Pulse Sequence/Applications Development at GE Healthcare, MR users will be thrilled with some of the enhancements the new DV28.0 software release will bring.
DV28.0, available mid-2019, will launch on the 3.0T product line first including SIGNA™ Premier, SIGNA™ Architect and SIGNA™ Pioneer, and will then integrate into our 1.5T products. It will feature enhancements to Cube, Cube T2 FLAIR, FSE T2 FLAIR, PROPELLER, LAVA, 3D FIESTA and other applications. The enhancements produce images with less wrap-around artifacts, darker backgrounds and higher contrast and SNR than prior generations.
The before and after DV28 images demonstrate remarkable improvements as illustrated in updates to Cube.
Cube enhancement In DV28.0, the Cube pulse sequence waveform has been optimized to reduce slab wrap and echo space. As a result, SNR of Cube improves greatly with selective RF excitation. For non-selective RF excitation, the shading is also obviously reduced. In addition, a new image intensity correction algorithm, SCENIC, has been introduced to improve the left/right shading on Neuro.
Cube T2 LSpine (Selective Excitation)