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Digital Expert Access: peer to-peer collaboration and connectivity

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As healthcare facilities around the world cope with growing patient loads and increasingly complex imaging studies, it’s becoming harder to create opportunities to properly educate and train radiology staff. Simultaneously, cost pressures and resource scarcity have intensified the need for efficient, timely collaboration across multiple sites of service, with easy access to in-house expertise.

Now there’s a new solution to these challenges. Digital Expert Access is GE Healthcare’s real-time, virtual solution that enables collaboration among all teams, within a hospital or across multi site health systems. Now staff members can easily communicate within their network anytime and anywhere to share advice, expertise and best practices, provide training and gain remote access to devices in the scan room to provide immediate help. This collaboration can help address efficiency pain points in radiology departments, with timely assistance that helps facilities avoid quality issues, rework and other delays in the exam workflow.
Digital Expert Access is a real-time, virtual solution that enables collaboration among all teams, within a hospital or across multi-site health systems.
For example, technologists sometimes need help performing uncommon, complex or rare procedures to avoid rescheduling of patients or sending them to another site. With Digital Expert Access, a technologist at one location can interact with another colleague at a separate location to get assistance in running a scan. Assistance begins with an audio/video call, progresses to screen sharing with annotation, and can include remote console access and control by the off-site colleague.
Digital Expert Access supports:
Consistent care. Standardize care across the network to help improve the imaging experience, reduce variations in readings, and help increase ROI.
Optimized resources. Virtual access can help save time and utilize appropriate staff resources.
Accurate imaging. Live support helps ensure accuracy, prevents repeat scans and boosts staff confidence.
Unleash the full potential of your GE system and skills with real time, peer-to-peer collaboration from Digital Expert Access. Contact your local GE Healthcare sales representative to learn more.
Key features:
  • Audio/video capabilities
  • Screen share and live annotation
  • Remote console access and control
  • View of incoming and scheduled calls
  • Easy management of on-site and master users